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NextGen Firewall & XDR

Overloaded SIEM systems create the biggest challenge for the SOC, often overwhelming them with an excessive amount of alerts, many of which are false positives.

Darklabs XDR solution is necessary to help your SIEM system by correlating activity across different security layers. By breaking these security silos down, we are equipping security analysts to do more profound, more efficient investigations and take quicker action – detecting threats faster.

These security layers span across your endpoints, cloud app stack, email, and your networks and servers.

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Privilege Access Management

Managing and monitoring privileged accounts and what they can access is critical in meeting compliance requirements, protecting data while avoiding disrupting users' workflow for their specific role.

Darklabs PAM solutions steer away from traditional PAM’s which fail to keep up. A modern PAM solution presents many more attack vectors, use cases, and exposure that a conventional PAM cannot accommodate. A recent study showed that 58% of companies found over 1,000 folders with inconsistent permissions, 38% of all users sampled have a password that never expires, and 23% of data breaches are caused by human error (source: IBM).

Darklabs' modern PAM solution includes centralised policy management, spanning across all hybrid IT assets, a privilege elevation to scale a user for a limited time for the task at hand, and audit & privileged activity during that session. Providing the response team or auditors the tools and data they need.

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Cloud Security

The convenience of using what you need and when you need it is the essence of the cloud, with constant access to applications, information, and devices consistently connected to each other uninterruptedly… all the time.

This is a significant weakness to organisational infrastructure. Darklabs cloud security services ensure that the proper controls, policies, practices, and technologies are in place to protect the privacy of our customers by safeguarding the data and infrastructure of cloud-based systems.

Our cloud security offers many advantages:

✓ Users can access apps and data securely wherever they are and whichever device they may be using
✓ Centralised admin managed on your behalf all in a single pane of glass view
✓ Centralised security protection for information and applications
✓ Drastically reduced hardware costs