About Darklabs Consultancy

Darklabs is best suited to assist you, drawing expertise from over 30 years of work in the information security space. We work at the forefront, having delivered consultancy, software support, and implementation to the UK Government and other critical infrastructure.

  • GCHQ Certified Experts

    Safe in the knowledge that our team has worked on extremely sensitive security projects.

  • Best of Breed Technology

    Darklabs work with Government approved security software.

  • Scalable Deployment

    Our security team ensures that all software deployments can scale securely as your organisation grows.

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Cyber security’s broad and complex spectrum means that not every consultant is right for you; while hunting for the right cyber security partner, you will need to be aware of the challenges that are unique to you.

The deep pool of talent that Darklabs draws from work in conjunction with the most modern, up-to-date, and innovative security tools available. Our team of GCHQ certified consultants carefully selected case by case gave our clients expert cyber security advice, solution architecture design, and implementation across the whole security stack.

The Darklabs teams offer a free consultancy call first to discover and understand; what is essential to you and your organisation, the unique challenges you face, and objectives you are looking to achieve and uphold. Afterwhich, we will undertake a security review of all processes, controls, and configurations within your infrastructure to determine potential weaknesses and areas of improvement.

This starts the partnership between your organisation and Darklabs, which our clients continue to use and trust.

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Managed Security

Darklabs managed security service is unrivaled in its tailored time-to-value onboarding plan, unique to each client’s specific needs. Darklabs uses the core strategy of zero-trust assisting our clients in accurately understanding and quantifying points of security failure; extending client team resources, detect and respond to evolving zero-day threats, ultimately unifying the organisation’s security posture and accelerating security transformation.

Darklabs Managed Security service uses high-availability security operation centers. Services include; XDR service, Firewall Management, Vulnerability Scanning, Managed SIEM, VPN’s…